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Monday, July 24, 2017

Being on the school board has been very lucrative for Scott Shine

I looked at his ethics commission filing, ha ha hah ha, sorry, I found it funny I used the word ethics when writing a piece about Mr. Shine.

Follow the link and you can see the filings for yourself.

On 6/2015, he said his net worth was 2,152,791.

On 6/1/2016, it went to 2,327,727

Then this year it jumped all the way to, 2,690,731.

So after three years on the board and his net value has gone up over 25 percent.

I wonder how many other people working in the district can say that.

Also I want to remind you that this millionaire said the district, in the midst of a financial crisis, should pony up extra money to save , Gary Chartrand, his donor's pet projects.

from the Times Union

Duval Board member Scott Shine said he believes the district should not endanger future private donations by failing to find a few hundred thousand more for QEA programs. “I think it’s important to maintain that relationship,” he said. “I’d like us to do what we can to fund the programs. …. We’re only a couple hundred thousand dollars away.”

Um Scott, after your recent windfalls, maybe you should pay the extra costs, you can apparently afford it.  

1 comment:

  1. Shine worries about retaliation from legislators in response to a proposed lawsuit. Then his buddy Jason Fischer retaliates. The timing is curious. It's like some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.