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Monday, July 24, 2017

Jason Fischer shows his true colors (again), threatens the district.

I don't use a lot of curse words in the blog. I also try not to call people names. I have to tell you it took all I had not to do both in this piece. 

Jason Fischer, oh heck let me just let his words do his talking for him, from the Times Union: 

Fischer wrote a letter to State Senator Debbie Mayfield, chairwoman of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee, calling for an audit of Duval’s operations, in part because the board is considering suing the state.
“I’m deeply concerned that the school district is taking their (SIC) eye off the ball by considering frivolous lawsuits against the State rather than getting their financial house in order,” Fischer wrote.
Frivolous law suit? Hmm he doesn't mention how many of his donors, charter school interests will directly benefit from HB 7069. Holy conflict of interest Batman, People who gave him thousands of dollars are about to reap millions in return and he has the nerve to threaten the district?
Oy vey!!!  
Oh and the board has already been audited three times this year but he wants to spend more money to do it again, talk about frivolous.
This guy was a pox on our schools when he was a SB member an he has taken his self promotion to new heights in the state house.
He doesn't care about our schools or children, just carrying water for his donors and political bosses in the hopes of advancing his career.
He and that is despicable.

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