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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The interesting things Scott Shine said today at the special board meeting.

I have to tell you this guy must be a hoot to be around, I mean if he is this informal at board meetings whats he like after a few drinks.

When talking about HB7069 he said,  “If I thought that litigation would work, I’d be on that like a bad rash,”.

Oh my, a bad rash!!! 

To give himself some bonafides, he referred to himself as the "lawsuit cowboy" and as somebody he has threatened to sue a couple times I can attest to that.

Who wants to bet he has other nicknames for himself as well?

Oh and as the meeting was wrapping up he also announced to all those in attendance, he had to pee, hey if you have to go you have to go, but now I wonder what he did when he disappeared for about 15 minutes.

Perhaps however the most inexplicable thing he said was that he unequivocally supports teachers and anybody who says other wise must be lying. I am not directly quoting him and am instead going on memory, when the audio becomes available I will try and remember to look it up, but that was the gist and if true a great sentiment to have.

The thing is he said this despite saying in the Beaches Leader, "the Strategic advantage of converting union-heavy public schools to non-union charters would be a direct connect to eliminating union member jobs..."

Now that is a direct quote, those are his words. Funny, they don't sound to supportive of teachers to me.

Like I said, what a hoot. 


  1. People who announce they have to pee actually think they are so important that we all care about their bowel movements. I think that is the very definition of a narcissist. We don't care about you , we care about the children we serve so get over yourself, Scott and leave the meetings more often so things can get done. I vote no confidence in this guy to do his job.

  2. Shine advocates a policy of social loafing to save a few bucks. If teachers did this in their classrooms I'm sure he would be the first to call for their resignations. Let other school districts do all the heavy lifting and we can still benefit from their initiative? We don't want the legislature to retaliate against us by passing a bad law?? Wait that already happened. Shine says we have money for Chartrand's pet projects but we can't afford to stand up for students. In the military they have a word for that. Chicken shit.