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Monday, July 24, 2017

Scott Shine continuously goes against the district's interests.

Jason Fischer tried to use the state to bully the district today by sending a letter to the state auditor requesting an audit, a notion the auditor rebuffed.

From the Times Union:

Mayfield said of Fischer’s letter that she is unlikely to recommend a special audit for now, not until the district completes its own forensic audit.
“We want the School Board to operate independently; we want them to take responsibility for their own district,” she said. “My view is, give them enough time to take care of their issues. It appears to me that they’re being proactive.”
Even though this is nothing but straight up bullying on the behalf of Fischer's campaign donors, Scott Shine endorsed the idea.
Also from the Times Union:
Board member Scott Shine said he agrees with Fischer that the district finance office “made a considerable mistake.” He added that a state audit could be part of an additional, “peer review” of district finances.
The thing is Shine knows the district is preparing anther audit but instead of supporting the district, he sides with Fischer and his charter school friends, people looking to make a buck off our children who are attempting to bully and intimidate the board.
District two, get your head out of your @#$ and find somebody who cares about improving our schools and helping our children and get rid of this guy before he does anymore damage.

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