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Sunday, January 26, 2020

DeSantis's new "Be BEST" standards are going to make one group really happy, the testing companies.

From the, I can't believe how stupid this is file.

I think most of us can agree that high stakes tests are both expensive and have limited value, well the governor doubles down on both of those with his new standards. 


So all kids have to take the test, which we will pay for, but they don't have to make any particular score,  but we will use that score to evaluate schools and teachers. Um how does that make any sense?

Then friends, the SAT and ACT? Many colleges are Phasing them out.  


One in four institutions no longer requires these tests for admission, for example, Nietzel said. Combined with tutoring that wealthy families can afford, extra time their kids are more likely to get than lower-income classmates and downright cheating, he said, “they’ve lost their luster as a common yardstick.”

Then for years people have known the real thing Florida's tests measures is the socioeconomic status of our students, and nothing will change by using the SATs as our test. The schools that did great will still do great, and the schools, the ones in neighborhoods wracked with poverty will still struggle.


  Researchers have repeatedly found that wealthy students enjoy significant advantages throughout the college application process, and that income greatly impacts a student’s performance on standardized tests. In a 2013 paper titled, “Race, Poverty and SAT Scores,” researchers Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman from the University of Pennsylvania and John J. Mcardle from the University of Southern California found that wealthy students earn higher SAT scores compared to their low-income peers and that the difference in SAT scores between high- and low-income students was twice as large among black students compared to white students.

Friends, why can't we give a pre test at the beginning of the year to see what kids need, share it with the schools so they can use it, and then a post test at the end to see if they got it? You know what they are supposed to be used for?

DeSantis has offered nothing but more of the same, which means we will get more of the same.  

He's not a hero hes a villain.

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