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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Despite revelations of rampant discrimination, Tallahassee is calling for less oversight on the states voucher programs (draft)

It is like up is down, black is white, and wrong is right in Tallahassee. Hot on the heels of revelations about rampant discrimination, instead of clamping down on the state’s voucher programs, Tallahassee is looking to loosen their accountability.

So not only are they planning to expand vouchers paid for with public money but they are looking to decrease the amount of accountability on its number one provider. Um, you know who also gets audited? Every school district.

Above by the way, are tweets from Politico's Tallahassee education reporter.

Tallahassee instead of saying no to discrimination just shrugged its shoulders and said more is fine with us. They hate public education that much.

I just want to remind everyone once again, voucher schools are allowed to discriminate pick who they take and keep, they are outside the accountability system that Tallahassee thinks is so important for public schools, their teachers don’t have to have certifications, let alone degrees, the can teach whatever they want, and many teach junk science and history, and most don’t have to even report how they spend the money they get. Oh and the public is paying for all that and now they want to give them even less over site.

How is any of that right? The answer is, it is not, none of it.

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