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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Governor DeSantis ignores teachers, pushes for more vouchers (draft)

10 thousand teachers and education advocates rallied in Tallahassee last week. So what did the governor do? He pretended like he didn't know what was happening and left town. Today a few hundred voucher supporters showed up and what did he do? He was front and center with a bull horn and that friends should tell you all you need to know about his commitment to public and teachers. 

From Florida Politics,

“We’re going to take it one step at a time because we know this is an important choice for people to be able to make,” he said.
Unlike traditional school choice scholarships, the Gardiner Scholarship is an education savings account. It gives parents the freedom to access a wide range of products and services — tuition, therapies, tutoring, assistive technology, curriculum materials and more — and the flexibility to mix and match them in a way that’s just right for the student. The average amount of the scholarship is $10,400.
Many Gardiner Scholarship parents say the program has been a game changer for their children, and Tuesday gave them and other supporters the opportunity to broadcast that message to the Capitol.
Raquel Baldwin, the principal of Baldwin Academy in Fort Lauderdale, was on a charter bus that left at 1 a.m. with 23 students and 10 adults from several private schools in the area. Baldwin has five Gardiner students at her school, which serves 120 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The Gardiner Scholarships have enabled the school to provide support services for the students with unique abilities, she said. But more money is needed to provide extra staffing for those kids.
Um, kids took a day off from school and were bused in? I wonder where all the critics of teachers taking a personal day last week are now?
The year of the teacher my @##, more like the year of shut up and take whatever we give you is more like it.
Friends, Tallahassee's education goal is to end the teaching profession and get rid of public schools and replace them with a hodge podge of charters and voucher schools and why anyone would think differently is beyond me. But instead of fighting here we are begging for nickles.
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  1. And guess who paid for those charter buses? Step up for students, the organization funded by Florida taxes and accountable to no one. They administer the Gardiner program.