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Monday, January 27, 2020

Tallahassee's latest education targets, school boards and home rule. (draft)

Yet another target of Tallahassee’s education attacks is school boards as for the second year in a row they have sought to tell districts how long school board members can sit for.

From the Tampa Times,

  Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Howey in the Hills, sponsored the proposal to force board members from office after eight consecutive years in office for the second year in a row. He contended the concept would have broad appeal in large and small counties, rural and urban ones.

The polls show backing that nears 80 percent regardless of party affiliation, Sabatini told the PreK-12 Innovation subcommittee, the first of three panels to hear the resolution for a constitutional amendment vote.

He stressed that HJR 157 would not enact term limits.

“This is a bill to give the voters the opportunity, if they wish, to vote to enact term limits,” he said.

This Sabatini guy is a real piece of work. He recently voted to make Jacksonville, a city he does not live in, vote to go from an appointed superintendent to an elected one, a manifestly terrible idea.

This is the thing, I am okay with school boards having 2 four year terms, but I think local districts should choose what's best for them and the crazy thing is they currently can. Right now districts have the ability to choose how long board members can be board members. In short the voters already have that opportunity. What's wrong with each city choosing? Well it doesn't send the message to school boards which is get on board or we'll come after you too.

Just like their attacks on the unions, this proposal is nothing but political payback for some group that dared to defy them.

Home rule also used to be a tenant of republican politics, but not anymore. Every few days you hear about bills that strip local counties of their authority, dogs in restaurants and sun tan lotion bands are two other ones that have been in the news recently.

Tallahassee has been a disaster for public education as they push their pro privatization anti public school agenda; along with terrible pay proposals, unsatisfying standards, and attacking unions, school boards and home rule are this session's next victims. Where and when will it stop? Oh yeah when there is nothing left.

 Friends your city should choose how long school board members sit. Not Tallahassee. Friends your city should choose how it is run and again not Tallahassee where con men and grifters have been purchased by lobbyists and special interests. 

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