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Monday, January 20, 2020

Jason Fischer and the J1 bill

Jason Fischer's J1 bill which calls for an elected rather than appointed superintendent gets it's first committee meeting this week in Tallahassee. I think people would be interested in a time line of the bill.

Jason Fischer, 30 years as a private citizen, no call for an elected superintendent.

Jason Fischer 3.5 years on the school board, no call for an elected superintendent.

Jason Fischer, 3 years in the state house, no call for an elected superintendent.

Superintendent Greene refuses Fischer's donors demand to give hundreds of millions extra to charter schools and he called for an elected superintendent in weeks. Of course the first version of his bill called for an appointed school board, which means he was for appointments and against elections, before he was for elections and against appointments. In politics they call that a flip flop.

Nobody should think for a second Jason Fischer's proposal has anything to do with giving voters more power or improving education, nope, instead it is all about political payback, and since it is payback that could end up hurting students, it's reprehensible. 

Some more things about electing a superintendent. The school board and the city council could have called for having an elected super and they didn't. 99 percent of the children in the country and all the students in 48 states attend schools under appointed superintendents. Only two states allow elected supers, Alabama and Florida and in those states over 90 percent of children attend schools with appointed superintendents. The reason the vast majority of the country has appointed supers is it gives schools a greater chance of success, when the best candidates no mater where they might live are eligible and we keep politics, as much as we can out of it.

In short it's a bad idea, proposed for bad reasons, by a bad Representative. 

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