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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Is Seaside Charter school about to close one campus? (draft)

From a parent who attended a recent board meeting

At the board meeting last week, Ms. Bowles said she was quitting-- and that the North Campus (of the Seaside Charter group) was being merged with Somerset due to financial troubles. I guess the concern and urgency is that the North campus has been approved for an $800 Federal Charter School Grant that Dr. Greene is supposed to sign by Friday-- and if the school is going to be merging with somerset, then why haven't they withdrawn their grant.  

Bill Sorenson, the board treasurer is blaming it on enrollment, but the fact that the Ms. Bowles hired so many noninstructional staff  using a budget that was not presented to the whole board last summer is raising some concern with the parents.
The board asked the parents to submit questions and Jessica Morgan (who is a close friend of Trisha Bowles and was hired for $55K as the communications director, even though she doesn't have a degree) said there were 40 questions. The board refused to show the questions.  You may want to do a public records request for it. 

Wow, I have reached out to Somerset and Seaside for comment and when they get back to me i will get back to you.

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  1. I don't think it's been made clear to the public that they aren't returning to the same Dunn Ave. Location. Needless to say, the board fired all of Bowles non instructional staff, two Principal's and have no plan that I've seen as a parent. How can the board not be aware of so many happenings, especially hiring and budgets?