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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The WNBA just agreed to give its player pay hikes and why you should care

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and its players’ union have agreed to a new contract that will increase players’ pay by 53% and provide additional performance bonuses and benefits.

That's great but why should you care.

The WNBA agreed to give ALL their players a raise. Not some of their players, not just the guards or the centers, not just the players over six feet tall too but ALL of them. What do you think would have happened has the WNBA said, we're just giving players over six foot tall a raise and everyone else can just keep their current contract? Well friends that's what DeSantis is saying, when he says, it's fine to leave 80k veteran teachers out. It's fine to leave support staff out too? It's all fine.

The truth is it's not fine and nobody should think it is.

Veteran teachers have sen their salaries go backwards over the last decade.

Many of our support personnel don't make a living wage.

DeSantis instead of raising all boats prefers a headline grabbing gimmick.

What's maddening is there are two fixes, teachers, unions and districts would readily sign off on. Give every teacher and support staff member X raise, or better yet just give the money to the districts and let them and the unions figure it out.

Nobody would be complaining and if it was a decent amount, people would even be applauding him.

The gimmick governor like the one before him thinks he knows whats best for education. A massive rally of educators just told him he was wrong. 

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