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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Florida plays by the golden rule, who has the gold makes the rules

This was a comment in the Times Union that I thought represents the divide between Florida’s parents and teachers and a handful of powerful people that are running education. It became apparent the later doesn’t care about what parents and teachers think when the state board of ed picked Tony Bennett

By Jteverna, My disagreement with positions taken by Bennett is less troubling then the fact that this appointment is a clear indication that ideology trumps all - the result will be a huge standoff which will stall progress. We don't always have to agree but if we desire change and progress we must embrace open and respectful dialogue and if Bennett behaves in Florida like he did in Indiana that dialogue will not take place. Governor Bush may not have enjoyed the support of public educators all the time but he was always willing to listen and dialogue - Bennett may support Governor Bush's agenda but in fairness he should not be placed alongside the Governor because he will not entertain the idea that dialogue has value.

The powers-that-be in Florida think they know it all and this despite none were teachers, have ever lived in poverty and more often than not sent their children to private schools. They are unwilling to listen to teachers and parents let alone consider that they may be right or have valuable input.

Welcome to Florida, leave if you can.


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