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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who is really to blame for the tragedy in Connecticut?

There are the usual suspects that have gotten a lot of attention. Guns, which seem to be at the center of all these tragedies, and then there is video games, movies and mental illness. Though it recently dawned on me that Europe plays the same games and watches the same movies as us and if you ask me some parts seem down right crazy but they don’t seem to have the same epidemic of violence.

However while following the story a few other culprits have also been mentioned.

Liberals, for both kicking God out of school and for turning children into wussies.

Women, because if there was a man in the school he wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. 

President Obama because he has some elaborate plot to ban guns that needed a gun induced tragedy.

And finally union teachers, because they are against having guns in schools (and reforms in general).

The truth is ignoring the root cause, easy access to guns, compounds the tragedy and as long as we ignore that and some look for causes elsewhere then we are courting more heart break. I for one have had enough. 

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