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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Superintendent Vitti is about to have real problems with the school board

I have to say I am impressed thus far with the superintendent, he is not just saying but doing the right things as well. He has pushed back against to much testing, value added teacher evaluations and today he said we should have conversations about education reform based on data, you know facts and evidence rather than ideology and therein lies the problem.

Jason Fischer and Ashley Juarez Smith are driven by ideology and things like data, facts and evidence don’t matter and if you want proof look at their latest comments about charter schools and smaller classes. Mrs. Smith-Juarez said there is no evidence that smaller classes are beneficial where there is a lot and Fischer said he wouldn’t be swayed by data when it comes to charter schools and that’s because he has already made up his mind. Charter schools are good, public schools are bad..

These ideologues aren’t concerned with what’s best for our kids, teachers or schools, they only care about Jeb Bush and Gary Chartrad’s marching orders, two other prominent education leaders who don’t care about facts and evidence either. 

I like the superintendent but I can’t imagine his already very tough job being made any easier by school board members who don’ care about facts, data or evidence.  

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