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Monday, December 31, 2012

School Board Member Ashley Smith-Juarez’s disingenuous continues

I just want to mention one more time the utter disatisfaction I have for Mrs. Smith-Juarez. When she, the benefit of smaller classes her entire life, said there was no evidence that they provided an advantage, made all the worse because there is lots of peer reviewed studies outlining their benefits it becomes hard for me to take anything she says seriously.

The Times Union is running an article about how she is losing her day job as executive director of the Chartrand foundation, a group by the way who doesn’t think teachers are professionals and neither does their education and experience matter. 

My problem however is while running for school board during an interview with channel four she represented herself as a small business owner (a restaurant) and didn’t mention once she was associated with the Chartrand foundation. I believe she did so to distance herself from Gary Chartrand who was in the middle of making one gaff after another as chairman of the state board of education.

It is completely disingenuous of Mrs. Smith-Juarez to present her self alternately as a small business owner and then as Executive director of the Chartran foundation, emphasizing one while ignoring the other when it is politically expedient to do so.

Was she really the best we could have done? 

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