The Florida Department of Education may have said yes to Tony Bennett as their new commissioner of education, but parents and teachers in the community are pushing back with a resounding no. 
"We’re in big trouble," said Lisa Goldman, founder of Testing is Not Teaching, a Palm Beach County school group.
Bennett, who lost his job running Indiana schools in an election last month, was chosen unanimously Wednesday by the state board of education. 

Goldman remained wary over the choice. "I look forward to getting out, visiting schools, and meeting with and listening to students, parents, teachers, and leaders in districts across the state,” Bennett said in a release. 
"In his interview he said testing is teaching and that's the polar opposite of what we all believe in," she said, adding that she had campaigned in prior weeks to keep the state from selecting Bennett.
Broward College President David Armstrong, however, applauded the decision. “[Bennett] is considered an expert on the new Common Core standards that will move Florida toward new high standards for teaching and learning."
Debra Wilhelm, president of the Classroom Teachers Association in Palm Beach said she was also disappointed in the pick. 
"He’s pro-testing, pro-charter schools, pro-vouchers, he’s everything that teachers dread," Wilhelm said. "We don’t feel as though thte state had any consideration for teachers whatsoever."
Mark Halpert, a former Broward school parent and founder of the Florida Advocacy Coalition on Learning Disabilities, worried about the impact Bennett would have on special needs children. "When you raise standards, the kids that get trampled on the most are students with disabilities."
But Halpert said he is keeping an open mind, "if this appointment results in our getting the programs, funding and support we need it will be a pleasant surprise." or 954-747-3033, Twitter: @karen_yi