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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is Superintendent Vitti serving two masters?

The superintendent worked for the Florida Department of Education who recently gave up all pretense that their main goal wasn’t to outsource public education to charter management companies and is the darling of Gary Chartrand who oozes distain for public schools and who was instrumental in bringing the KIPP charter school to town. Since this is the case it’s hardly a surprise that the board with his recommendation approved 12, count them 12, new charter schools.

Friends this is a big problem. We can hardly go a few days without a new charter school scandal or a study that says they don’t perform better than public schools and often perform worse. Before we steal scarce resources from our public schools we should slow down and make sure we are getting things right.

Instead of approving any new charter schools we should have a moratorium on them until their accountability and quality catch up with public schools, because if we don’t we are doing our children and community a disservice.

Superintendet Vitti, just because you can do something it doesn’t mean you should.


  1. Can you shed some light to why there is no busing to the county's top magent schools? I am VERY concerned about this. ( Im new to the area)

  2. About two years ago the district told people of an impending financial crisis and cut several programs including magnet school busing. Well it turned out it wasn't as bad as they thought, we had over a hundred million in reserves but they didn't bring back the busing, on a side note our administration increased by about six positions...