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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Private schools that take public money should face the same accountability

From the Orlando Sentinel, by Aaron Deslatte in Tallahassee…
“Absolutely. If you’re going to have state dollars you ought to have similar standards,” Scott said. ”We want the best education we can for our children. … That’s what I wanted for my daughters. That’s what I want for my new grandson.”
Deslatte reported that “When a reporter followed up and asked him if he was really saying voucher programs should fall under standardized testing requirements, he didn’t flinch.”
The governor said, “I believe anybody who gets state dollars ought to be under the same standards.”
As Deslatte reported, his spokesman said in an email, 
“Governor Scott is most concerned about improving Florida’s education system by supporting and increasing education funding where possible and improving results for students through accountability… Governor Scott will speak to Step Up for Students and those at the Tax Credit Scholarship reception tomorrow and he looks forward to discussing existing and any future accountability goals with them.”

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