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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Worst kept Secret about to be revealed in 3 hours. Tony Bennett named next Ed Commissioner

Tony Bennett is set to become the next Florida Commissioner of education in about 3 hours. This will be about three hours after his interview ended, ten days after he applied and about a Month after Indiana said they no longer wanted his services. They didn’t want what he was pedaling so we should all ask ourselves why Florida would.

Regardless I don’t understand why the state board even bothered bringing in other candidates. It was a waste of our time and theirs. You see ever since the residents of Indiana, one of the reddest of red states said they had enough of him and his reforms it was a foregone conclusion that Bennett would be coming here, though he said he had to pray upon it as well.

Florida’s education leaders, led by Jeb Bush, long ago gave up any pretense that their goals were anything but the privatizing of our schools and the destruction of teachers unions. Educating our children has been replaced by a desire to profit off our children and Florida is all too eager to feed this desire and Bennett is just the guy to ratchet things up.

It’s a shame too because despite the anti-teacher smear campaign and all the road blocks put in their way there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that Florida’s teachers are doing a pretty good job. A job fewer and fewer will want to do when Bennett becomes ed commissioner.

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  1. Is this on the level or some kind of guess?