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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Public reacts poorly to district promoting Iranetta Wright to area chief

Spoiler alert: none of the comments were; hey you go it wrong, hey you are being too harsh or even, hey I kind of like her.

Here are a few of the comments I received, equally divided about her and the super who promoted her: As a parent, I was horrified by an unprofessional, ghetto message she left on my answering machine-rude, aggressive, and quite shocking coming from an administrator. Very low class.

She took over doing the announcements from Mr. & Ms. Andrew Jackson, a tradition that was very central to the school. She took over officiating & opening at ceremonies from the student reps. SHE sang the Star-Spangled Banner over the P.A. when Obama was elected; not a student, her. SHE dances at the basketball games & on the sidelines of football games, thinking this will endear her to her people, but it only alienates the community. Doesn't she realize that high school is for the kids? Not for some immature administrator reliving her glory days?

Her overblown ego knows no bounds.

You are kidding right? This woman is going to be an Area Chief? I no longer believe in Dr. Vitti's leadership.

So many things I want to say and could but we should not be surprised one to love the original thinking of DCPS

What!!!??? I thought so much more of Dr. Vitti's leadership. I guess I was wrong.

Education Matters also had its highest daily readership in months and after just 14 hours the original post abut her promotion is the third most popular in the last month.

I believe at the very least people have concerns and I also beleive the super has to do better if he is serious about the district being better. 


  1. Her data is terrible, but he is trying to curry favor in that community.

  2. He should bring Young back, the public would love it and he would have a leader not a bully who doesn't know what they are doing in a position of responsibility.

  3. Ms Wright has shown herself to be a egotical,self rightous bully.

  4. Not to mention those who "trained" under her - Chris, make sure you talk about what's going on at Ed White.

  5. I don't know her, but looked at her facebook page once and was shocked by the sexy lingerie she was wearing while leaning back against some large animal-print pillows. Very inappropriate. I was supportive of Vitti, but now reconsidering. I am not seeing real change.

  6. And Larry Dennis too. Teachers are doomed!

  7. This article is out of line. It's easy to complain when you are looking from the outside to within. Her Tiger pride gave her a better connection with the school and encouraged students to do the same. Before I transferred from Ribaults IB program to Jackson's AP and nursing program I had no clue who my principal was...never seen him or her a day in my life. At Jackson that wasn't a problem she was always involved in everything, as a principal should be. At the same time she helped raise the school's grade from an F. I agree with all of her choices. She is strict but fun at the same time. She cared about all of her students. Sadly she probably didn't have time to meet all of the parents of each of the hundreds of students whom attended her school. But I know as a fact no student can say that they haven't personally met her.

    Khalil's death was sad, she was a lovely girl. But with students dying almost once a year, it wouldn't have been fair to point hers out above all of them with a tribute to her.

    After attend the address and personally meeting Vitti. i still believe in his leadership and think that Duval County is blessed to have him on our side opposed to someone who is only there for the money.

    The school, the teachers nor the students are not doomed because of any choice made on the board. Education and child development starts and ends within the household!

  8. You may like her but a lot of people think she is and has been terrible. Also just on data, Vitti has fired dozens with worse while promoting her... makes no sense...

  9. As a fellow student of Andrew Jackson High I can speak on behalf of Mrs.Wright. Why her compassion and love for each student she comes incontact with has help shape future leaders teachers, lawyers and the list goes on and on. But futher more she solid anything she puts her hands into has always prospered.Back 2010 I was that child that she fault hard and often put in long after hours and was very adamant to ensure june 10 that I graduated on time and with that diploma and college ready.So I say thank you for believing and fighting for and believing in me when I gave up on myself.