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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A lack of guidance counselors sets children up to fail.

From a reader:

Yes, ASCA recommends a student:counselor ratio of 250:1, but we know we'll never see that because of budget. I work in a high school, and I'm responsible for a little over 500 students. College applications for my seniors, 504s that need to be updated, constant schedule changes, keeping up with my"at risk" students since they're so important for our school grade, dealing with helicopter parents, etc. It's overwhelming. 

Then throw in a student with a crisis (cutting, depression, suicidal) and there aren't enough hours in the day or in the school year to do everything that the district expects. Focusing on putting out fires and keeping the district off our backs, no time for being proactive our working with students to head off problems. 

Since I work at a school where students aren't supposed to have any type of mental health problems, we have no resources easily available to our students. It's really quite sad what my profession has become because we have to wear too many hats for too many students (and their parents).

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