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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The QEA's default position is to spin and decieve

I went to the QEA web-site and it did not take me long to find some spin and deception, this from their page on TFA:

Jacksonville TFA corps members often remain teaching past their 2-year commitment, and/or continue working in education in Duval County either as district administration employees or with non-profits in the city.

Well we know that is a straight up lie, some do, a few do, traditionally less than a quarter do do but that's not what they are saying they do. They are implying the vast majority do.

I don't know about you but I don't want to be spun, I don't want to be deceived, instead I want to be convinced they are doing the right thing. We all know there are problems, instead of burying them we should roll up our sleeves and work on fixing them, what would they have lost had they said, retention has been a problem but with this new grant we are looking to overcome it. But instead of being honest they decided to be deceptive. On a side note if a first year administrator, in their third yer overall tried to tell me what to do, I might have issues as would most veteran teachers.

We should all be wary of organizations where their default position is to spin and deceive.

Read the page because they also talk about all the extra money being spent on TFA and shouldn't we find out where that 1.75 million is going and shouldn't the public know we spend a ton more on TFA than we do regular teachers? The local media who never mentions it obviously thinks not.

The QEA could do some good, we need the cities rich to take an interest but trying to trick the people of Jacksonville is not the way to go. 


  1. On top of this, posted that a "study" essentially proved that TFA rocks and everyone is sub-par (summarized in my own words of course). Interesting timing...Vitti and those in charge are great at propaganda.

    1. Great at propaganda but not in ETHICS or MORALITY! Base individuals! Shame...! Shame...! Shame...! ...on THEM.