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Monday, October 27, 2014

Marginalized, disrespected and over worked and under paid, welcome to the life of a teacher

From a reader about the attack on teachers by Time magazine's not like people are clamoring to become teachers. It took our school over a month to find someone to fill a core teacher position. At other schools, I have heard of multiple vacancies.

Why would new teachers want to stay when the conditions are life-sucking at times, when the stress is overwhelming, when people constantly demean teachers, etc?

It's not like we are getting paid the big money. To get to 40,000, you have to have 9 years of experience. To get to 50,000, you have to reach 20 years of experience.

No one in my department has that many years of teaching experience. In fact, no one is over 10 years.

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  1. "Floridians value education. Rick Scott’s budget leaves public schools with $356 less per student, adjusted for inflation,than the previous Governor’s final budget. Despite aggressive watch-dogging of public school teachers, he has failed to hold private charter schools profiteers accountable." Ralph Nader