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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Teachers bring up issues all the time in Duval County and are ignored.

From a reader:

We teachers bring up major issues all of the time and follow the chain of command. 

We talk to an AP, and nothing gets done. 

We talk to a principal, and nothing changes. 

We talk to specialists from the district, and they shrug their shoulders. 

We email Vitti, and he attempts to pacify. 

What is the point? 

ALL they need (crown Point Elementary) are some counselors. We have money, but Vitti wants to spend it on useless technology and people of little consequence. Schools also need more AP's, security guards, and teachers. Our average class sizes are enormous, way higher than I have ever seen them in 9 years. The truth is that Vitti doesn't want the actual truth to get out, as the truth would tarnish his public image that the Times Union so readily supports

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  1. Vitti does not want to hear from you. He shut down Shared Decision Making Committees input into individual school budget making. He tells schools this is what you get. Later he admits ruefullly that maybe his one size fits all approach needs refinement. But he doesn't listen. Anyone who emails him with concerns gets a terse "Follow protocol" response. All the surveys employees are asked to fill out--no where do they get an open comment box to tell him what they really want to say. Even the union with their FAME survey have stepped into this trap. He takes issue with a brave teacher who shows up to a Board meeting and uses the open/public comment period to talk about issues in the school. He says, "I don't mind his opinion, but he chose the wrong way to express it." But he gives us no other option. He says he meets weekly with employees drawn out of the ranks, but no one knows of anyone invited to meet with him. He plans a marketing campaign in which he will put students onto TV to talk about how great Duval schools are. Does he not realize another marketing campaign is going on and it has throughout his tenure? It is students going home and telling their parents how bad it is in their schools. And parents realizing that they need to get their kids out. That's why enrollment is collapsing. That's why we're down to 114,000 and likely to fall into 5 figures next year.