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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gary Chartrand attempts to bully school board members.

From the Times Union

Gary Chartrand, the Jacksonville-area executive who chairs the state Board of Education, recently wrote a letter “as a private citizen” to each board member decrying the lawsuit and its threat to the voucher program, which he said helps tens of thousands of low-income students afford private educations.
“The lawsuit is about shutting down the program,” he said. “It’s unconscionable to do that.”
Chartrand has in recent years donated to the election campaigns of at least three of the seven Duval board members and has given more than $5 million through a family foundation to school district efforts. He said he does not believe his financial contributions will influence School Board members’ votes.
Notice the Times Union wrote, executive not educator, it should be troubling to everyone that the chair of the state board of education is not an educator. 
So let me get this straight he can just turn on and off being a private citizen? He then thinks even though he donated to several of their campaigns, gives millions of dollars and has his friends do too (and more about that in a moment) and he serves as the chair of the state board of ed that none of that matters, that he is the same as Joe public writing a note? Is he dumb or does he think we are?
Some of you might be thinking, hey he gives a lot of money cut him some slack, well friends like Race to the Top gave cash strapped states money and proved to be a disaster, here is a big fat ditto for Chartrand who by the way doesn't even live in Jacksonville.
Him writing each board member a letter has to be construed as a threat, vote my way or who knows what will happen next.  


  1. "Is he dumb or does he think we are?"


    Often people who achieve his level of financial wealth believe they did so because they are superior, smarter, and more important than the masses (which ironically makes them dangerously stupid).

  2. Is he dumb or is he dumb? Well, in America, people love hero-worshiping and idol worshiping. If they were like me and established standards first, they would not be treated with disdain. Moral, ethical, and spiritual values should be the standards looked for in your heroes, idols, and leaders. Without these I consign them to the waste paper basket. Americans need to learn about the 2 kinds of clouds in nature. One is useful because it has water and thus nourishes; the other is without water and therefore useless. The latter should not be given recognition.