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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Duval County disrespects experience, the debacle at Beauclerc Eleementary

Instead of trying to find experienced teachers to staff our classrooms, the leadership of our district has a love affair with Teach for America which takes people with no experience and puts them in our classrooms. 

Maybe our superintendent loves them so much because of his lack of experience. Now I am not saying he doesn't have any but a lot of people questioned if a 35 year old was the right pick to run the 20th largest school district in the nation. I heard people say this would probably be the perfect job for him when he was 45 and had some more experience under his bet. But he was Gary Chartrand's darling and Chartrand thinks anybody could show up and do a job in education.

That brings me to Beauclerc elementary. It's principal who may be a wonderful human being, I don't know, but she followed up 2 years as a math coach with 9 months as an assistant principal before becoming principal. 9 months

Read these comments I got a few weeks back about Beauclerc Elementary.

 What is happening at Beauclerc Elementary? You have a principal that was an AP for 9 months but was promoted to principal because she is bilingual. However the school is in shambles and both AP's were moved to different schools. How can he pick and choose who he is moving? This school has had 3 different principals in 5 years. This superintendent is the worst in Duval County in the past 20 years. This is only a fourth of the crap that's going on with DCPS. At least school boards in the past would have spoken up and called out the superintendent for this mess.

The 2 AP's were new to the school. One was a demoted principal and the other came San Jose. The school is in shambles. Until last Tuesday, the demoted principal was running the school while no one listened to the principal. This is due to her lack of experienced-9 months as an AP. Now, the 2 AP's have been moved to other schools and replaced with another demoted principal-Hyde Grove and AP from Alimicani. This school has moved from an A to C in 3 years with 3 different principals. Kornblum, Manabat and now Mangual.

Literally 9 months. This past summer at the June board meeting Ashley Suarez vouched for her. "It would be a good idea". It will promote the Dual Language program. Remember she was not the 1st choice. The 1st choice was from out of town and had dual language experience. Once she backed away from the offer, Mangual was selected. How can she have the skill set to be a principal after 9 months as an AP? Before that she was a district Math Coach for 2 years.She is the laughing stock of the district in many circles

Ashley Smith-Juarez with barely any experience herself is another one of those that thinks anybody can show up and teach, or lead a school or a district and that's just not the case.

Now things there are unraveling at Beauclerc and some say the district as well.


  1. Yup, few at the district (the cronies) respect those with actual experience. Vitti likes who he likes for little reason. There are plenty of people out there with so little experience in teaching and leading. He doesn't respect teachers, and if I hear one more time how he overcame adversity and went to Harvard, I will scream. Just because you went to an overpriced institution with a "legacy" for elitism, clearly does not qualify you to determine who should lead individual schools.
    Fights break out every day at the high schools, and at my school, I have never seen so many fights...ever!
    Perhaps the reason for the recent outbreaks in the high schools is because our leadership has very little respect for those who actual work with the students.

  2. Vitti uses worse grammar than I've ever heard from a Harvard grad. The reason so many fights break out is because the Code of Conduct has been watered down once again. It used to be the only thing that resulted in an out of school suspension, but now you have to fight 3 times. The 2 loaded guns at Wolfson? Were there any consequences? I think they just got sent to other schools. By the way the new C of C is not being followed in any way at my school. Why don't they just admit that DCPS has no rules? Vitti sucks. It is all about who he likes and not based on anything else. We have a fickle dictator who wrote his Hahvahd dissertation on "creating demand parents". Thank you, I think we have enough of those.

  3. Every time I read about a teacher/ guidance counselor speaking out I am reminded of how you could not approach King Xerxes to speak unless he extended his scepter to you. The Crown Point counselor was chastised for not going through the proper channels. Good thing Vitti is not that king. To approach the king without being summoned meant death.

  4. It would mean career death if he weren't retiring next year anyway.