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Monday, October 13, 2014

Florida forces us all to support religion!

The First amendment of the constitution allows me to participate in the religion of my choice or not to participate in religion should I choose not to. So why does the state of Florida think they can get away with forcing me to support religions and their activities which is exactly what it is doing with the states Tax Credit Scholarship program better known as school vouchers,

Last year corporations donated 357 million to Step up for students, who by the way is allowed to take a three percent cut, the corporations then received a dollar for dollar tax credit. That means 714 million dollars, a number that can rise by 20 percent every year, did not go into the states coffers. That is revenue lost that could have paid for a lot of things or a 36 dollar rebate every person in Florida could have received. Well who is forced to make up that loss? I was, my wife and neighbors were and if you live in Florida so were you. Then since 90 percent of the voucher money goes to private religious schools, many affiliated with churches, the state is in effect forcing me to support organized religion and most likely not my religion.

Also if it is such a good program why can't ordinary citizens donate to it after all we all know corporations don't really pay taxes they just pass those expenses on to their customers. The state takes plenty of money from me in the form of fees and taxes. Why can't I write a check and then get the same amount back from the state?

I submit only private citizens should be able to donate to the voucher program and then they could pick if the money went to a religious institution or not. Right now none of us are given that choice.  Either that or we should amend the constitution because I an sure this is not what the framers intended. But if the state does want to give a tax break to corporations let it be for money they would give to public schools, something Charlie Crist has proposed but Rick Scott has rejected.

I believe supporting religion should be a personal choice not one forced upon us, after all this is the United States not some middle eastern theocracy. This back door trick that forces the citizens of Florida to subsidize and support religion should not be allowed to stand.

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