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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Which Vitti do you want to be your superintendent?

I have to say the concept of charter schools is an appealing one. They are supposed to be parent/teacher driven laboratories where they experimented to see what was best for the child. Unfortunately what Florida has created are publicly funded private schools and they are often sold that way too, which care more about making profits for their owners than educating our children. They don't work with districts to fill needs and instead they work to undermine public schools and siphon resources away.

Superintendent Vitti has had a Jekyll and Hyde relationship with charters, sending letters to the state to apply for grants to bring charter schools to town and attending conferences with the same goal. All the while saying below to the people of Jacksonville.

Way to go Superintendent, way to push back. The man in the video is somebody I can get behind, unfortunately that is the same man from the first part of the post and him I can't.

Vitti might not get it but public schools are at war with the forces of privatization and to be frank I would prefer a super that took a side, instead of taking both. 

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