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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jason Fischer Punks Mandarin

What was it Mandarin, his steely brown eyes, his perfectly cut hair or his complete lack of experience with education? What made you think he was the right man for the school board?

I thought you should have been suspicious when it was revealed his passion for education was once trumped by his passion for soil and water as he ran for that board first.

Was it the is he or is he not in the Navy? He said he was and they said he wasn't.

Were any of you suspicious that most of his backers were charter school and voucher interests, you know those people who want to dismantle public education.

It turns out the school board was just a stepping stone on his slow walk to the presidency, or he hopes so anyways as he has filed to run for district 16 of the house and he did so shortly after the two year mark of his first term on the school board.  

Fischer came in, earned his conservative bonafides by splitting the board apart with his inane and insane pro-voucher amendment, unnecessarily scaring voucher parents along the way, made some friends with people who would dismantle our public schools and now he seeks to ride out to what he believes will be  greener and richer pastures or what people who are paying attention knew he would do all along.

Mandarin, Mandarin, Mandarin, I hate to say I told you so but I did.

If you wanted to pick somebody who would do way more harm than good, congratulations, please do better next time.

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