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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jacksonville one of the top ten cities for charter growth in the nation

Oy vey just skip to the link below to read the piece after you read why that is bad for all of us.

Charter schools siphon resources out of the district which leads to lower salaries for teachers and less resources for kids in public schools.

Charter schools pay their teachers less money which means they can't contribute as much to the local economy as public school teachers can.

Many are managed by for profit charter school companies that take the money out of the local economy, hey right wing republican guy, you might not like public schools but they spend local.

Here is a link to an article about it:

Now maybe all of above would be acceptable if they did better job educating our children, but they don't. they do worse far worse.

We have more charter schools than most districts have schools. the amount of charter schools here in Jacksonville have increased nearly 400 percent from 9 to 35 in the last four years.  Its a disaster that hurts, our community, teachers and worst of all our students.

We can't even say enough is enough, because if we want to see our school system improve we need to get rid of most of the ones that we have.

Here's the link

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  1. When a city begins to color immensely, the white plutocrats move in and use their political power to suck out the little money that circulates in it. That is why they are in Jacksonville. Vitti has been planted for that purpose and he is aware; the only thing he is not aware of is that all his involvement is being recorded in the AKASHIC RECORD.