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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Non-profit charter schools are really fronts for For-profit companies

Charter schools are supposed to be non-profits.

Lauren Roth wrote in the Orlando Sentinel: And they gave the go-ahead to Charter Schools USA to open two K-8 schools under the Renaissance Charter Schools name.

Then Sonja Isger wrote in the Palm Beach Post: Charter Schools USA, the company behind the Renaissance application, is bound to appeal the denial to the state. Officials at CSUSA are expected to call with a comment today.

CUSA isn't even really pretending anymore and it seems like lots of reporters know it. They also own a construction arm, Red Apple that buys property, builds buildings and then rents it back to CUSA which they pay for with the management fees from Renaissance their supposed non-profit and it's been reported that the rents are often above market value. 

Then they also donate to School Board members and legislators so they can get their way. Heck Renaissance and CUSA share the same office and law firm

The truth is Renaissance fronts for Charter schools USA and the people should know about it. People should know that charter schools really aren't non profits but are actually fronts for for profit companies. Pro Publica recently did a similar piece. 

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