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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The convoluted logic of Superintendent Vitti

Superintendent Vitti says he recognizes that Teach for America hobbyists leave our classroom in droves after their two year commitment, the ones that make two years as about a fifth don't. So to fix the problem he says they will move them into leadership positions as if anybody but him thinks 26,27, and 28 year old principals and assistant principals is a good idea. But as a regular reader pointed out that would still be moving teachers out of the classroom. That would still exacerbate the teacher retention problem. Now that might prevent educated and professional teachers moving into leadership positions so I guess perversely it stops the bleeding some but look at his logic.

To get them to stop from leaving we will move them out. This is what passes for logic in the ivory tower and we wonder why our wheels are spinning.

The superintendents disdain for professional teachers is palpable.

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