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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Math experts finds district response to Gallup survey troubling, data has little meaning.

I was very troubled by the district's response to a Gallup Survey on student wellness so I went to my resident math guy and had him take a look. Spoiler alert, he was troubled too.

What jumps out at me is how awful the numbers are. While there is neglible improvement, if I were writing the article, I would be focusing on more than 50% of students feeling stuck or discouraged (related to hope), almost 60% of students either not engaged, or actively unengaged, and almost 40% either struggling or suffering. 

Those are not encouraging numbers and a 1-2% increase is not good. If I saw the 2013-2014 data, I would start looking at causes and solutions. The truth may be that is the case, but the implementation and resulting impact takes time (I just don't know), but those numbers are not something I would be bragging about.

They are definitely not numbers we should be bragging about, but since we're Duval we are.

My math guy added: I would have actually suggested running more comprehensive statistics....that would actually tell you something. I don't know if, once you get into the data, you see some growth, as all that was presented were cursory percentages. Do different age groups show more/less hope, different genders, schools, etc. What is presented in that article (press release) really has little meaning.

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