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Monday, July 11, 2016

Charlie Van Zant reaches a new low

I get wanting to win, I do, but Charlie Van Zant is willing to do anything include cheat and that should disturb everyone including people who are considering voting for him.

Since democrats and independents have again effectively been prevented from voting for superintendent in Clay County, the election is going to hang on what the county's republicans do and a small turn out undoubtedly favors Van Zant well Van Zant is doing all he can to make sure that turnout is low.

Today he announced that that the counties high school open houses with the exception of Keystone Heights will occur on August 30th which for all intents and purposes is the day the superintendent race will be decided.

He is making some parents decide between voting and meeting their children's teachers. He is in effect making it more burdensome to vote. Imagine a parent off at 5 and they have to either vote and or go to open house along with all the other normal things they might have to do. His decision is designed to make things difficult for people in the hopes of suppressing turnout which as I stated undoubtedly benefits him.

I also want to remind you this comes on the heels of reports of how Van Zant cajoles Clay county's administrators who don't have job protections into supporting him.

What's up with these family values republicans continuously thumbing their nose at family values?

Clay county you have a very important decision to make, four more years of the petty politics, graft, teacher disrespect and quite frankly Van Zant's overall poor performance and terrible values or to make a change.

Please say no to more of Van Zant's shady way of doing things.


  1. Snake in the grass. I remember a person made a suggestion of using fallow school board properties for a community garden and about five minutes later Charlie took credit for the idea. Haven't heard a damn thing about it since then. Did this ever get off the ground.

  2. Yes but this doesn't take into account early voting or fried chicken Sunday

  3. This is enough reason to remove this dishonest politician from office on voting day! NO TO VAN ZANT!

  4. Ummmm.... hello? The open houses are at 630 pm. You still have almost 12 hours to go and vote!

  5. I guess people will just have to vote the other 11 hours of the day the polls are open. The Open Houses don't start till 6:30 at night. The polls usually close at 7!

    1. yeah, why make it easy for people...

    2. Ginger Stevenson ( Leinecker )July 12, 2016 at 1:06 PM

      Orange Park High School has their Open House listed as September 6th, not August 30th.

  6. It looks like the dates for the high school open houses are being changed. Thanks to everyone who contacted the district and their school board members to voice their concerns! Whether this was a simple oversight or something more, this is just another example of why we need to be vigilant.

  7. Will never get over the childish way the school board acted and tax payer money they spent after Van Zant won. But I'm supposed to forget that now right? I'm voting for him just because of that.

  8. For School Year 2015-2016 Clay County School Dropped 1 Grade Level From an A to a B :-) I think he is a pompus Ass, and is a piece of Garbage with his "I do what I want Ways" just saying....