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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Johanna McKinnon, clay county school board indifferent about the plight of parents

When addressing the scheduling of open houses to correspond with the superintendent election, Johanna Mckinnon seemed quite indifferent to the plight of Clay county parents.

Sylvia Crofts is obviously a supporter of Van Zant's and rather than address people's concerns she attacks people, I don't think she should know any better but McKinnon should and another stake holder explained why. parents getting off work, fighting traffic, feeding their families will have time to get to the polls before getting to their school, finding parking, and finding their child's first class by 6:30. I was told CVZ doesn't schedule open the very least it was extremely poor planning.

I am not willing to give Van Zant the benefit of the doubt that open house scheduling was just poor planning what with Van Zant okaying his friend to be a write in candidate in 2012 disenfranchising half of the electorate and his cajoling of at will administrators into supporting him.

Clay County you have very important decisions to make in the next few weeks, one camp seems indifferent to the plight of parents and willing to cheat and cajole to win, while the other is more concerned with improving teacher morale and doing what is best for your children. It's time to break up the Van Zant party and time to get back to supporting your teachers and educating your children.


  1. Thank you for telling it like it is without rancor. Facts are pesky things and I am glad you brought them to light. We must vote for QUALIFIED leadership, our children's education is at stake.

  2. Most parents will be working on election day. They will drive home, grab a quick dinner, and head to the voting booths. Van Zant is a politician. There were only 2 reasons why open houses were scheduled (in areas unfavorable to Van Zant) for election day. 1. IGNORANCE (They didn't realize it was election day?) 2. INTENTIONAL (They are trying to stop people from voting.) Either way, it's bad, it's wrong, and it is yet one more reason to VOTE for a non-political, professional, educated and experienced Superintendent - ADDISON DAVIS. Then, let's give him a Board that will work WITH him and FOR our Students. Vote for Carol Studdard and Mary Bolla. Under Van Zant (with 3 Board members that will do whatever they are told to by him), Clay schools have dropped from an "A" district to a "B" district!! McKinnon's signs are simply inaccurate and the false statement should be taped or painted over! It's time for change. Our children deserve better. Our teachers deserve better. Our tax payers deserve better (resulting home value decline). And our CITIZENS deserve better. The embarrassment, financial waste, poor treatment of teachers, and the political pandering must stop. VOTE DAVIS, STUDDARD and BOLLA!

    1. YES! Vote Addison Davis. You'll get his brother Mason too. He's a child molester, but who cares. He is no friend of teachers though.

  3. It looks like the dates for the high school open houses are being changed. Thanks to everyone who contacted the district and their school board members to voice their concerns! Whether this was a simple oversight or something more, this is just another example of why we need to be vigilant.

  4. I apologize in advance, but that kind of blind devotion belongs to one person only and it's not CVZ, Mrs. Croft. I will be keeping you in prayer but I am so grateful that I don't have to deal with Clay County's version of reality TV style politics.

  5. Inretesting that the one open house NOT scheduled for election night was the open for keystone heights which is where cvz has lived forever! Things that make me shake my head!!!!!

  6. Encourage your friends and family to vote early, or by mail.