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Saturday, July 2, 2016

How the Jacksonville Public Education Fund tricked a bunch of non-profits to stay out of school board races.

I am literally flabbergasted by the stuff the Jacksonville Public Education Fund is getting away with.

Let me let them do their own talking for them.

The School Board 2016 Coalition is a diverse group of nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations led by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund. All organizations pledge not to support or endorse any candidate.
Our goal is to educate the community about the importance of school board elections, help inform voters about their choices and promote increased participation in school board elections.
The School Board 2016 Coalition includes:

So all of these non profits have agreed to stay neutral while JPEF can support whatever candidate they want.
JPEF's founder Gary Chartrand has endorsed and financially supported Greg Tison in district 7 and Warren Jones in district 5 in addition to supporting numerous corporate style reforms like charters and Teach for America. 
I want to know who the League of Women Voters would endorse, I want to know who the Jacksonville Urban League would endorse, we all know who Teach for America and the Doleres bar foundation would endorse, whoever Gary Chartrand told them too but some of these organizations could and should have a role to play but instead the JPEF has tricked them into staying n the sidelines which increases the chance that the candidates they are endorsing will win and its disgusting.
Want some more fu#$ing hypocrisy, Deloris Weaver's non profit says they are neutral and won't support anyone but that hasn't stopper her husband from supporting Tison and Jones.
Can we finally call bullshit on the JPEF!?!
The hoodwinking of our city by a small group of rich white men and women to elect school board members who would privatize our schools and who have no business doing anything with education has to come to an end. 

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  1. Until someone with more money and therefore more money, we are stuck with Gary Chartrand directing our school district. Ordinary citizens don't realize how many back room deals he makes and how he runs this city. Interesting that JPEF lists the Jacksonville Children's Commission as a supporter of this. As a department of the city they are not allowed to support or endorse a candidate. Interesting that it's CEO ran against Jason Fischer, obviously didn't have Chartrand's support. I'm sure he will come out for one candidate or another, but he should be careful not to do any campaigning on city time or while wearing any COJ or JCC gear. Also, many non profits that JCC provides funding too are not listed.