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Friday, July 15, 2016

The disappointing affiliation of the League of Women Voters

I have to say I have always liked and appreciated the League of Women Voters. Their advocating and position on issues I have always found important and reasonable, especially their recent pieces about charter schools and education.

However their partnership with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and its founder Gary Chartrand have me questioning their motives and sincerity on education issues.

In 2014 and again this year the League has agreed to remain silent about local education candidates while their partner JPEF through its board is endorsing charter school and corporate reform proponents.

The legue can't say they don't know either because I have reached out to them and shown them. I have provided the league with a list of donors to the various candidates, I have provided the league with a link to JPEF's site where they advertised for a symposium where not only was Gary Chartrand speaking at but whose theme was attracting more black youths to charter schools.

The League's response has been a collective shrug on the shoulders.

What good does it do for them to on one hand talk about how insidious charter schools have become and advocate for education issues if on the other they partner with charter school proponents and people who would privatize our schools.

Are they just paying lip service to education? Are they trying to have their cake and eat it too? Are they trying to secure some extra funding, because if it is one thing Gary Chartrand will do it's throw cash around. Any of which is enough to start doubting their sincerity

The League needs to take a stand and embrace it because if not what's the point?.

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