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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Greg Tison's ad misleading but not ilegal

That's what supervisor of elections Mike Hogan told me when he got back to me about a Greg Tison Ad that I sent him. He said he checked with the city attorney and that was the attorney's opinion.

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What's misleading there? It's not a republican primary on August 30th for school board it is just a primary where everyone regardless of political affiliation can vote. Furthermore school board races are supposed to be non-partisan and he has to know it. Which means with a wink and a nod he is telling people hey, looking for a republican to vote for, then I am your guy.

I think above is despicable behavior especial for someone who wants to be involved with children.

Mr. Hogan told me I could follow up with the state supervisor of elections which is the investigative body but having dealt with election and ethics offices in Florida you basically have to catch somebody with their hand in the cookie jar and then if you have pictures and witnesses then they may do something, that's to say the bar is set way to high.

That being said, we all know that Mr. Tison tried to mislead the people of district 7 and I hope they reward him by not voting for him.    

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