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Friday, July 22, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton the national version of Charlie Crist? (rough draft)

Rick Scott is the twice elected governor of Florida. The first go around he spent 70 million of his own dollars and road the tea party wave to get elected and the second time he defeated former governor Charlie Crist who was now running as a democrat.

I thought when Crist was governor he was serviceable. We had some large investments in education and he vetoed the terrible teacher profession kneecapping senate bill 606.

That being said, I didn't think for a second he should have been the democratic gubernatorial nominee in 2014. No I thought that should have been Nan Rich. Now its true she didn't have the name recognition of Crist but she was a life long progressive who worked tirelessly for the states children and environment. The establishment however threw their weight behind the career politician who had a bit of whatever it takes to get elected stench on him.  

Is any of this sounding familiar? It's not a direct correlation with what is happening nationally but come on, there are enough similarities that it has me worried.

Scott went on to win in 2014 by 91,000 votes and here is the thing, the only demographic he won going away was the same demographic that Trump is cleaning up on and that is the over fifty white vote.

I think most of the scandals that Hillary has had to endure are just smoke and manufactured smoke at that though I also think she has used her positions or former positions to enrich herself but is that really a bad thing?

I also have to say I feel like her having her own server was lazy and potentially dangerous on her part. I think we dodged a bullet there but the real damage is she has given the right a ton of ammunition that they shouldn't have.

Finally she also gives off the same vibe that Crist did/does, he's running for Congress now, and that's I am a career politician looking to head up the next rung of the ladder.

I will say I think she would be a far better president than Trump and has a chance to be a good president too, I just worry that despite the fact she should be dominating, Trump is hanging around and I worry that there may be enough angry white folks to put him over the top especially if enough people stay home or consider a third party.

People say they have to choose between the best of two bad options and I disagree with that. I think we have one horrific option and one that has some significant baggage but has significant potential as well, my fear however is the baggage will way her down.

It was all set up for the democrats in 2014 and they should have been able to kick Governor Rick Scott to the curb but they ran Charlie Crist a flawed candidate and now Florida is paying the price for it, I really hope history does not repeat itself in November.

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