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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Duval we need to talk here

When I started education Matters, I had a local, then state and then national philosophy, that's to say I wanted to cover local issues first and foremost but I didn't want to exclude state and national education issues either. That's why I for the most part write and repost about local issues.

I average about 1200 hits a day and this past May I had what I consider my best month ever. I only posted 17 times and the blog received over 42,000 hits which isn't bad for what is primarily a niche blog but at the same time I think it should be doing a lot better.

Here are the stats for the July posts:

Notice anything there? When I post about Clay County issues, a school system about the third of the size of Duval and arguably with less severe problems the unique views are off the chart. A blog about Duval County usually gets between 400-1500 unique views while the stuff I post about Clay County is often in the 3000-6000 range.

Why does Clay County seem to care so much more about the workings of its school system?

I think even people who often disagree with me would agree that the truth is we have problems which are going to take the community coming together to solve. Right now it's just a cadre of rich mostly white men running the show.

Duval you have to step up and one great place to do so is the upcoming elections in districts 5 and 7, it looks like we have solid candidates in both but there are also at least two candidates Greg Tison in 7 and Warren Jones in 5 that have to be stayed away from at all costs.

Unless we start to take an interest in our school system we will continue to struggle.


  1. A valid point for sure and I'm sure the admin in Duval will see this as a win. However the truth is Vitti and his admin team have succeeded in scaring the people who work here into submission. In my opinion, and with some evidence, I think this is what he wanted by making all the moves and non- reappointments. It is evident that Vitti reads your blog and that scares people. This is a justified feeling. I know from personal experience. In the meantime we shut our doors say we are using the curriculum and do what we know is best for children because that is what we are called to do. This is sad I know, but it is a sad truth. Congratulations to Vitti, Davis and Wright you are bullies who have won. For now.

  2. Too many people are busy running for the hills! Yes, you are not getting the posts you should for fear of retribution. Freedom of speech my ass when you need a pre or post retirement check! The bullies have made their point and are making the Duval district the charter school kingdom

  3. You raise a very valid point. There is a sense of apathy when it comes to education in Duval County. I hate to say it.