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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I can't stand it when the entitled son of a billionaire complains about teachers

I sincerely and seriously doubt Donald Trump Jr has ever stepped foot in a public school and the depth of his knowledge comes from his hedge fund manager friends looking to profit off of them. The thing I wonder is why he chose to attack public school teachers and public schools, the institution that has arguably led most to America's greatness.

During his speech he could have tackled a whole host of red meat to the base subjects but instead he went after school teachers. He blamed them for many of the nation's problems. You know all those middle class workers with their ten year old cars, crippling student loans and practically no say in the education process, they are the ones and selfishly at that letting America down.

Note: the original video was taken down, I was however able to find this.

He and sadly he is not alone does not understand that teachers and public schools are often put in no-win situations where success is elusive. Trump blaming them does not address the problems. Neither does funneling children into profit centers   charter schools and unregulated and mostly religious voucher schools, Trumps solution is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

Are there issues in education? Yes, but the truth is most of them, high stakes testing, a lack of resources, unproven curriculums and blame the teacher policies are all to often initiated by those who would dismantle public schools. It's not public schools that are letting America down, it is America that is letting its public schools and its children down.

Donald Trump Jr on day two of the republican national convention went after school teachers, he made them the enemy and I hope they all remember that come the election.


  1. Pretty soon we become whatever Vitti and Iranetta Wright want us to be.

  2. I will certainly remember on Election Day. It is so frustrating to those who have been called to educate the masses, and are great in our chosen career, to listen to the privileged tell everyone how to teach. These are the same people who have never stepped foot in a public school. What would they know??? Will this ever end? Will we ever get the respect we deserve? I think not, not even where we teach; especially when the big boss here does not respect teachers and thinks we don't deserve his respect. Oh that's right his teaching experience can also be put into a thimble.

  3. What school teachers would vote for this insult-o-maniac??

    1. I wondered the same thing about Rick Scott who said teachers get paid during the summer and has had plans to do away with our retirement system. He has all but made it impossible for us to retire, but 2 times he was voted in. The only reason he has provided any support for schools is so he can give support to charter schools. We have the masses as educators. It is time we use it. Only then will we get the respect we deserve from politicians. Although it may be all lip service.

  4. Vitti complains about charter schools when it suits him while promoting school choice when it suits him. Given his relationship with Gary Chartrand I would not be surprised if Vitti the next education commissioner of Florida.

  5. I was stunned when I heard him go after public education...

  6. Educators are the scapegoats for all of America's problems. But if we take a good look at the's the politicians who have created the mess we are in. Everyone likes to point fingers...but teachers don't get lifetime medical services, or retirement for free. We have to buy into it. Not the politicians...and even if trump Jr. Never stepped into a public was still a teacher who taught him to read, write, etc. Charge schools are more costly to the taxpayers because some business man is taking his salary off the top.

  7. If you don't believe Trump or his son just look to his hatchet man Chris Christie. We have friends that are teachers in NJ who can tell you all about him.

  8. We Indiana teachers can certainly tell you that Mike Pence is not a friend to public education either.

  9. Trump Jr. attended the Hill School at a cost of over $55,000 per year. Does that qualify him to be an expert on education? He attended Wharton, and so did my husband who only knows what I tell him about education. Donald Jr. was the mad attack dog of the conservatives that want to dismantle public education. It is so sad and corrupt.