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Friday, July 1, 2016

Gary Chartrand tries to buy district 5 race

If you are scoring at home, he also gave to Cheryl Grimes in 1 and Greg Tison in 7, and now he and his family members and friends have given thousands to Warren Jones in district 5. Oh were does Gary Chartand live? In Ponte Vedra.

Warren Jones may have name recognition as a former city councilman but what has he done for education? Where has be been the last few years? If you answered nothing and nowhere then you win.

It's imperative that district 5 does not fall into the hands of Gary Chartrand and his band of rich white friends who aren't interested in improving our schools or taking care of our neighborhoods but instead taking them over and replacing them with McChartrers. .

To look at Warren Jones Donors, click the link:

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