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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ashley Smith Juarez was very brave but not brave enough

I am not going to bash ASJ for caving to the pressure which I am sure was intense, instead I am going to thank her for bringing to light how dysfunctional our district is, though as I type that I realize people like the Times Union's editorial board and the community organizations that put pressure on her are unlikely to put any blame on the superintendents' shoulders.

From the Times Union

 The coalition, which includes Jacksonville Civic Council, JAX Chamber, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, United Way of Northeast Florida and the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, said they stand behind Vitti and the Board and “encourage them to follow through on their commitment to work with a mediator to unify and resolve their differences.”

It should have read, Gary Chartrand, Gary Chartrand, Gary Chartrand foundation of North East Florida, the United Way and Gary Chartrand, said they stand behind Vitti and the Board and “encourage them to follow through on their commitment to work with a mediator to unify and resolve their differences.”

These are ASJ's people too. lets face it she's not hob hobnobbing with teachers and parents at the Applebees, no she's at the River Club with the city's elite. She's Gary Chartrand's protege after all and for her even to suggest their anointed one isn't getting the job done takes huge you know whats, way bigger than mine and I write a daily column called the stupid things that Scott Shine says and does, by the way look for my future daily column, the stupid things Scott Shine says and does.  

The coalition doesn't care about the city's children, schools and teachers, they care about control, the control that Vitti gives them. If they did care then they wouldn't have fought against a change. 

Friends, there is a war for the soul and future of education going on in Duval County. on one side you have educators and parents, who want good programs, and safe schools and on the other people like Chartrand and his coalition of elites, that want to marginalize teachers and privatize our schools. They won the battle to keep the superintendent... for now but hopefully he has learned that his shenanigans have placed him on thin ice.

So Mrs. Smith Juarez thank you for opening the city's eyes, you didn't win this one for the city's teachers and children but that doesn't mean you won't win the next one.  


  1. I knew this would happen. I told you this would happen. The city's good ol' boys club + (Audrey) rallied around their chosen one. ASJ knows that the window for getting rid of Vitti is getting smaller. Once January rolls around the new board will vote to make Vitti super for life. What I didn't know is how political the United Way is? I guess I don't have to renew those automatic deductions this year.

  2. I haven't heard much coverage of this from Melissa Ross & First Coast Connect. I'm surprised they haven't had anyone on the show to discuss it considering the magnitude of the story. I wonder why they haven't done so yet? Oh wait it looks like I didn't read the fine print.

    Education coverage is sponsored in part by the Chartrand Foundation.

    Tomorrow they're gonna have the TFA Jax guy on their show to tout Vitti's great successes I'm sure.

  3. If anything the ice under Vitro just got thicker. Global warming be damned. I thank my lucky stars my younger child only has 2 years left. Good Lord help me make it through the next 7 years of teaching.

  4. I can't help think about all of the supervisors, principals, assistant principals, directors, executive directors... Who did not get the benefit of the doubt that it was "the best they could do" that what was said about them was all lies and a way to get more Miami or Davis followers in the system in high paying jobs. Who knows maybe this will make Vitti think twice about ruining adult people's lives 10-15 at a time because someone on his staff told him to. I for one have lost complete confidence in him.