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Monday, September 19, 2016

Scott Shine's very late night , *Edited and Updated*

*Edited and Updated* Mr. Shine was kind enough to send me a note saying he did not write the comment mentioned below, I thought it was clear, that I just believed he sent it because it resembled things he had said before, and not that he actually sent it. In an abundance  of caution and in an attempt to be fair, I have added language to emphasize that point.

Scott Shine has a blog, who would have thought something was possible considering how much he hates the Education Matters blog.

There isn't much to it, just an about page and one post about Ashley Smith Juarez conspiring to fire the superintendent.

Check it out.

He also emailed everyone on his Rolodex in an effort to preempt the firing of his man crush and used some pretty specious arguments and baseless innuendos as well.

From the Times Union with my comments in bold

Shine said in an email late Sunday that Smith Juarez late last week tried to “coerce” Vitti into resigning, and that she called a special board meeting for this Friday morning to hold a vote on whether to terminate Vitti “with minimal public input.”

Coerce is a pretty loaded word as for pubic output people have been speaking loud and clear for months now about their dissatisfaction with the superintendent.

“It would be a tragic mistake to terminate Dr. Vitti in the middle of the comprehensive school reform work we are currently undertaking,” Shine said. “In addition, termination in the middle of the school year would send a shock wave through the school system and likely damage students’ academic achievement.”

Oy vey, a little apocalyptic there. they decided to part ways with Pratt Danals in January of 2012 and Joey Wise left six weeks after the start of school in October of 07 and the school system chugged along.  

Shine said in his email he believes Smith Juarez wants to fire Vitti because of “personal issues... unrelated to his actual work performance.”

He said Monday that he doesn’t know what those issues are, but he has noticed tension increase between Smith Juarez and Vitti over the past six months.

There are a lot of rumors out there about the superintendent, if you google search him, affair is the second word that appears next to his name, but Shine sounds like he is just making stuff up there.  I noticed tension, doesn't seem like credible evidence to me.

He also accused her of taking unilateral actions in violation of board policy by urging Vitti to resign or be fired.

I would be very surprised if he has an understanding of board policies but again he doesn't offer any specifics and if he has them why not offer them?

Here is something WJCT is reporting he said

“I think it would be a disaster,” he said. “So many of the reforms that we’ve put in place are Dr. Vitti’s initiatives. Without his guidance I'm afraid many of those things will fall apart.”

What's been a disaster in my opinion is Shine's term on the board and I for one think some of his plans should fall apart as the district would be better off without them .

Shine was indeed a busy boy last night and I believe this includes the following comment left on my blog. It was sent anonymously but it echos things he has said to me in the past.

 You deserve to lose your job, be sued for what little money you have and should NEVER be able to teach again. I'll gladly write a substantial check to the attorneys who end up pursuing you in court. This is not journalism, this is bitterness for losing your School Board bid several years ago and an ego-boost. Give up. You don't care about JAX kids, none of these posts actually assist teachers and parents in providing resources to help improve the system. It just gives you the attention you crave so much. SCUM.

Whether he sent above or not I believe Scott Shine is a little and petty man and a terrible school board member and shame on you district two for electing him when you had other qualified candidates. He is also a man than is about to be very, very alone and I believe that scares him.

I don't know if Vitti's last day is going to be Friday or not, I think it should be, but I do believe Shine has been a terrible representative of our schools and all you have to do is read his words to know that.


  1. Wow!!! I must be in severe darkness. I never even knew Vitti was going anywhere. Of course I also don't watch the news or rely on times union. I do read your blogs though and your not scum. That's pretty unprofessional of him to say, especially with the seat he holds.

  2. Thank you for have the "Courage" to turn your back to the crowd and speak what is right for the students, community and teachers of Duval County Public Schools!

  3. He must have moved it because it is no longer there. Maybe he forgot about school board policy and rules as a sitting board member and removed it.

  4. Scott Shine is the epitome of what is wrong with public education in Duval County. He cannot communicate without ranting, raving, threatening and intimidating? Ashley Juarez has provided a very detailed accounting of the problems facing this district. Either do your job or move on down the road Scott Shine! Your job is not to shine the superintendents shoes. Your job is to help guide the direction of education in this county wherein each and every student has the chance to receive a quality education. Maybe losing one superintendent would help retain dozens of teachers who are leaving in droves because they do not see improvement or the chance for improvement from this superintendent or his hit team.