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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scott Shine's lack of awareness.

From the Times Union

Couch suggested that it was disrespectful for Shine to have publicized the private conversation between Vitti and Smith Juarez and to publicize his suspicions that Smith Juarez was planning a vote to fire Vitti without first asking Smith Juarez about it.
That conversation could have occurred at a public meeting, Couch said, so the board could speak with one voice.
Shine refused to agree to withhold such issues from the public until a meeting.
“When I hear that the school district is in jeopardy, I will contact the media,” Shine said.
This is the same guy by the way who has threatened to file grievances about me twice this week  over things I have written, my opinion on his performance and leadership and in the spring complained to the media that Ashley Smith Juarez was trying t limit his freedom of speech. 
So only he is allowed to speak to the media or up when he thinks there are problems in the district? Oy vey, this kid. I have worked with lab mice who were more self aware.   
"When I hear this school district is in trouble, I will contact the media... I will never withhold info from the public," Shine


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