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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is the board really calling in a mediator?

From the Times Union

After a year of accusing each other of communicating disrespectfully, including eye rolls, smirks, insulting texts, chastising emails and, most recently, a resignation request, the Duval County School Board and its superintendent say they are ready to call in a mediator.

Except are they? They voted 3-3 not to this past Friday.

The problem is not that they can't communicate though I think several board members struggle to do so appropriately, it's that they have competing visions for the city and different levels of awareness, Watching the board meetings you can just tell some members are way more prepared than others.


  1. No mediator will help as long as Gargamel's Toadie insists on going to the media whenever another board member won't let Gargamel have his way. Readers, I leave it to you to figure out who Gargamel and Toadie are. (Reference to the 1980s cartoon series, The Smurfs.)

  2. Once they do hire a mediator it will be someone from Vitti's past or connected to someone who he or Chartrand controls.