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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ashley Smith Juarez's dilemma, she is beginning to understand what most teachers already know.

From the Times Union

Board Chairman Ashley Smith Juarez, for instance, wrote in her notes that Vitti is “often disrespectful to board members (and) has misrepresented the truth publicly and privately.” She called him stubborn and said he “struggles with judgment and communication,” often reacting without planning or informing the Board.


Please read the entire article it is amazing.

A couple things, this comes on the heels of Smith-Juarez telling the superintendent to look at her and stop snickering when they were having a conversation and her saying that the board may need a mediator to help facility communication between the super and the board.

Also Mrs. Smith-Juarez has been a reliable supporter of the superintendents often voting for his ideas to the chagrin of board members Couch, Wright and Hall whose districts for the most part are being affected.

I think Mrs. Smith-Juarez is starting to understand what teachers have known for a while and that's the superintendent is in over his head and he is not a good or effective leader. I had this boss one time and she was both bad at her job and mean and I used to lament, if she was nice or good at her job then I could deal, but she is neither and it is unbearable. I wouldn't be surprised if the board chair is coming to the same conclusion.

In November he will have been here four years and its not a good sign when one of your biggest supporters on the board thinks you willingly lie to them and the public.


  1. Speaking of disrespecting teachers. What's the point of having weather days built into the schedule if you don't use them? I wonder who "determined" that teachers don't need planning days. Oh wait I already know.

    The current planning day scheduled for Friday, January 13, 2017 has been changed to a normal instructional day for all students and district staff. It was determined that using a planning day in lieu of an alternate weather day would be less disruptive to family and employee schedules, and would not adversely impact other scheduled district timelines.

  2. It sounds like it is time for a vote of no confidence by the school board. As a DC PS employee I know I have no confidence in this administration's ability to lead.

  3. DTU looking out for us, I mean themselves, again. Brady wants the Weds. before Thanksgiving off. Teachers don't need planning! Then why don't we make it optional? Come in or work from home on planning days.

  4. I enjoyed reading that Ashley was appointed N.E, Florida Director for the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative. Non-partisan public office my a$$. How could she agree to represent an agency under such scrutiny????

  5. Based upon the article this morning, Vitti's days are numbered. Something happened for her to turn the tide. Within the past 3 months. Buy his contract out and get rid of him and his Miami Dade mafia. Also include the Duval County sell outs: Deidra Johnson, Floyd Hatcher, Debbie Crotty (Terri Brady's twin sister) Irranetta Wright, Kim Bays, Kim Hayward,etc.

  6. These are all regional superintendents that sold out good teachers and administrators for a career move. Good luck on your way out of Duval. However, I suspect Addison has talked to many of you about Clay County.

  7. My question is if Vitti goes, who will they ask to come up. Not Iranetta Wright or Mason Davis. Iranetta made her way to the top by introducing herself to Vitti's wife. Taking her to see all the sights that Jacksonville has to offer (the mall, restaurants etc). An added bonus is being in the same sorority. When Vitti sent emails, she was always the 1st one to respond to Vitti's emails. We know that she knows where the bones especially when it comes to a former regional superintendent. (If you get my drift) She only received passing status at Jackson when the state changed the grading formula. Other then that, she should have been removed as a principal which was a recommendation from the state. As Mason Davis, he has never been an administrator at the school level. He had to get a job with the state because he could not stop harassing children under his supervision as a classroom teacher. So while we celebrate for Vitti the Horrible's demise, look at what we have to temporarily take his place.