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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Proof the "drive by" elites run our schools.

People's words are very telling and look what Scott Shine said we criticized about throwing the city into a tizzy.

Shine forcefully defended speaking to the media. “When I heard this school district is in jeopardy, I will contact the media,” Shine said. “I will never withhold I information from the public about what is going on in this board room.”
He noted that the media attention had filled the chamber with interested community members. Among those in attendance – at least at the start of the 3-hour meeting – were Jags original owner Wayne Weaver, state Sen. Audrey Gibson, and executives from of the United Way, the Community Foundation, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and the Jacksonville Civic Council.
You notice he didn't say parents or teachers and yeah I understand the vast majority of both were working and could not attend but he doesn't care about those groups, he cares about the city's elites who donated to his campaign.
– at least at the start of the 3-hour meeting –
You know because they can't be bothered to stay for the entire meeting, heck Cheryl Grymes couldn't either. They aren't interested in improving our education system, all they are interested in is retaining control over it.

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