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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Times Union's disappointing reporting about KIPP

These are facts

Gary Chartrand gave mayor Lenny Curry and pacs supporting him, buckets of money

Lenny Curry had the Jacksonville Children's Commission, change it's rules to send buckets of money to Chartrand's KIPP school.

They did so at the expense of poor children at other schools on the North and West sides of town.

The KIPP school is loaded, and I know, I have seen their filings.

Finally I had to read the article three times to catch it but we aren't paying for an extended day program at the KIPP school we are paying so their school day can be longer. That's messed up as up to now the money had just gone for extended day programs. 

In the Times Union's article they didn't mention the first two things and I know they know them because I have told them several times since the spring.

From the Times Union:

KIPP’s after-school funding, in addition to the shakeup in the way the children’s commission awarded funding this year, caused fear among parents and after-school providers that some 16 locations would get no money this year, said Warren Jones, a School Board member whose district includes many of those after-school sites.

WTF Jacksonville, this is how banana republics are run.


  1. What's worse to me is that when the state mandated that we have an extended hour for 32 schools who fell into the lowest 100, we were scrambling at the district office to try and make it work with no additional funding. Where was the support from Thr mayor for the public schools? Obviously he wants to support KIPP and no one else because the other charter schools don't get this funding, and they are doing far better than KIPP! Look at the Duval charters for example.

  2. Had to go from my school (Paxon) to Schultz Center today for a PBIS session with my principal. Drove across 5th where it rounds south into MacDuff, which took me right by the KIPP campus. Wow, just wow. It's not the old dog track with a banner out front anymore. The facilities to view from the street, the up to date construction, Wow. But then they get $1.5 million in subsidies from the state every year (Scott vetoed the last grant, did it stick in the special budget session?) They get lots of extra donations, and WOW. What a school can do when they get all the resources they need. Unfortunately, our traditional schools do not.