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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

At this point it's hard to believe anything Jason Fischer says.

This guy is honestly terrible. I don't know if it is that his decisions are based on who gives him money or that he thinks his constituents are dumb or both.

Anyhoo, here goes.

As I pointed out while on the school board he had no problem how the money was spent and even said Superintendent Vitti was the best with managing money, fast forward to the district pushing back against legislation that benefits his donors and all of a sudden he calls for an audit.

From the Times Union:

  “They decided they’re not going to do an audit. They even rejected the use of the word audit,” Fischer said. “The chairman (Wright) told the public that they took a vote to do a forensic audit when that never happened. I’m having a hard time trusting what she says at this point.”

A hard time trusting anything she says, oh wow, oy vey.

This from the guy who quit the school board.

This from the guy who went around telling people he was in the Navy until he was called out on it.

This from the guy who takes money from charters and tries to hurt the public schools that the vast amount of his constituents with children send their kids to.

This from the guy who was all about the budget before he wasn't.

He is the one by far, that people should have a hard time believing

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